Hurray for the Riff Raff Pitchfork Live Stream @ Meow Wolf!!!

More often than not, we are brought into conventional music venues to do that thing.  Each venue is unique, but it's still essentially still a "music venue".  Then, there's MEOW WOLF in Santa Fe, NM.  This place can truly only be understood in person, but if you like climbing through a refrigerator and ending up in an under the sea themed lounge, or if the idea of exploring Lewis Carrol's dream house, then this place is for you!

Our team was brought in to shoot Hurray for the Riff Raff performing for a few hundred people in the performance space at Meow Wolf, and what an incredible experience!  The venue itself leant to such an incredible vibe and look.  We then tried to match the artistic vibes by shooting unique video clips for each song in Hurray's set.  Overlaying these videos shot all over the Meow Wolf space really helped convey the artistic experience of attending / performing in the space.

Such a fun shoot and we truly hope to revisit Meow Wolf soon!